Sex During Pregnancy

Lot of care and caution needs to be taken once you get to know that you are pregnant. Out of various issues that need to be taken care of, one such issue is having sex during pregnancy. Different couples are affected by pregnancy in different ways. But the key is to communicate and show affection to your partner. Tell her that you care about her. You can do that verbally and also physically.

Sex is generally considered to be safe during pregnancy, until and unless your health care provides says otherwise. Your health care provider would abstain you from having sex during the 9 month period due to various reasons. These reasons could be past miscarriage issues, premature labor, troubles in your previous pregnancy and so on.

Talk to your health care provider about it as he is the best person to guide you through your course of pregnancy. He is the best judge, as he is aware of your past history and physical condition. Some doctors might ask you to avoid having sex for first few months.

Whereas, some may even ask you to avoid having sex during the last stages of pregnancy. There is a saying that goes “To each his own”. Truth remains that without any trouble in the present and the past pregnancy, you can safely have an intercourse with your partner, although with little care and extra precaution.

When you have sex for the first time, after the pregnancy confirmation, you might feel a bit strange considering that this will be the first time that you are having sex without the worry of getting pregnant. Infact many couples enjoy it more so, as there is no lurking fear bothering them.

Many women enjoy sex, irrespective of the stage of pregnancy. However, there are many women who might loose interest in sex and avoid having sex altogether. The loss of interest could be due to many reasons such as depression, anxiety, fear, tiredness and so on. There are also chances that your partner might not show a keen interest in having sex.

This would be due to his concern about you and you baby. Many men feel that having sex would put strain on a women’s belly. However, if done in proper and precautious manner, sex is absolutely safe for the mother and the baby too. While having sex, make sure to have it with women on top position as it is considered to be the safest position during pregnancy. You can also try side position which is quiet safe.

Thus, sex if done in a safe and proper manner is not a threat to the pregnancy. Infact, sex can actually boost you up during these sensitive times.