Sex In The Last Trimester Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy affects various aspects of your life and your sex life is one among them. There is always a lot of confusion among couples regarding sex during the various stages of pregnancy.

Many couples find their sex life is adversely impacted as the woman progresses in her pregnancy. Third trimester is physically the most challenging period for the woman as the belly size grows and exhaustion is at its peak.

The third trimester also has its share of other difficulties for the woman including heartburn, leaking colostrum, swelling in the legs, etc. All these factors can make it difficult for couples to have a normal sex life and for many women sex drive is usually low in the last trimester.

However, if your pregnancy is free of complications, you can continue to have a normal sex life. This article discusses the pros and cons of sex in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Though your growing belly size may be an impediment to normal intercourse, you and partner can be innovative and try out new positions. The side-by-side position with you and your partner lying facing each other is one of the recommended positions to enjoy intercourse during the last trimester.

You can go on-top of your partner and control the extent of penetration. This position can take the pressure off your growing abdomen and you can be in control of the action all the time, thus ensuring maximum comfort.

Communication with your partner is extremely important to enjoy a normal sex life in the last trimester of pregnancy. Remember, that if sex is getting too uncomfortable or is turning painful, you need to discuss this with your partner.

There are some instances during the pregnancy when you should not have sex and those hold good even in the last trimester. If you experience vaginal bleeding or unusual vaginal discharge, you need to talk to your doctor immediately and refrain from having sex.

Similarly, if you have a low-lying placenta sex is generally not recommended as this could result in life-threatening bleeding, resulting in danger of life for the mother and the baby. In the last trimester, if your water has broken, you must not have sex as this could transmit infections to your baby.