Sex Life After Child Birth

Looking after a baby 24 hours a day is a tiring and exhausting job. It challenges a new mom Physically and emotionally. So when you reach your bed after a long day (sometimes a long night), then you just want to sleep.

Sex does not figure in your priorities very soon. New mothers feel reluctant due to many reasons.

The mother goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and childbirth. The perception of her own body may hold her back. She may need some time to feel sexy again. Tiredness is also a major factor which may stop you from having a normal sex life.

Also if you had to undergo episiotomy or a c-section, your stitches take around 3 to 6 months to heal completely. This makes the perennial area sore and sensitive for some time. It is better to wait for the wounds to heal before you resume your normal sex life.

Whenever you and your partner feel completely at ease and comfortable, you can begin to have sex again. Some couples resume their sex life within a month and some wait for more than that. There is no fixed norm for you to follow, it is different for each couple.

When you go for your post natal check ups, you must discuss your problems with your doctor (if you are facing any).

Here are some tips which may prove helpful for you.
– If your perennial area feels sensitive, you can try using a lubricating gel.
– Choose a position which does not put much pressure on you.
– If you are tired, try to make use of time when your baby is asleep.
– Eat a healthy balanced diet, have plenty of fluids.
– Take rest whenever it is possible to feel fresh and relaxed.
– Do some post natal exercises to get back in shape and feel good once again.

The situation demands a lot of patience and understanding from both the partners. It is very important to discuss your feelings with each other. Explain the physical discomfort to your partner so that he does not feel rejected. Hugs and kisses can also make your day if you are not yet ready for sex.

chhavi khullar