Sexual Positions That Enhances Your Chances of Getting Conceived

If you have lately trying to conceive but unsuccessful in doing so, you can try some sexual positions which enhance your chances of getting pregnant. Although it is not right and unwise to blame infertile couples for having not tried the correct or ideal sexual positions, some sexual positions do play a role in a woman becoming pregnant quickly.

Nonetheless, you have to keep in mind that having sexual intercourse in any position can let you become pregnant. Whether you are on top or in a standing position while having sexual intercourses, you can get conceived in any position. So how some sexual positions influence the likelihood of getting conceived? Pregnancy occurs when a sperm release by the man’s sexual organ encounters an egg released from the ovary as it swims toward the uterus and fertilizes it.

This means the sperm should be released as near as possible to the uterine cervix. As such, deeper the penetration during sexual intercourse, nearer is the sperm released to the cervix. Moreover by doing so, the time taken by a sperm to meet an egg is also reduced. And this is why trying those sexual positions which facilitate deepest penetrations can help get pregnant quickly.

By now you must be eager to know the sexual positions that enhance getting pregnant quickly. The first of these positions is the man on top or missionary position. As you in this position, your partner comes on top of you allowing a deeper penetration and release of sperm takes place quite close to the cervix.

You should also remain lying on your back even after your partner has reached orgasm as it may aid the flow of semen toward the uterus. Using a pillow to elevate your hip will also help as an inclined position will help the sperm in swimming toward the uterus. Other sexual positions that will increase your chances of getting conceived quickly are the rear entry position and the lying side by side positions. These positions also facilitate deep penetration and hence recommended.

Apart from these recommended positions, you have to keep in mind that female orgasm also plays a role in getting pregnant quickly. The contractions also help the sperm flow toward the cervix.