Shopping For Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy means weight gain. Weight gain means new clothes; and which woman does not love that. However shopping for maternity wear is quite different from regular shopping. Shopping during your pregnancy requires a lot of thinking and planning.

During the first two months
there will be no weight gain; in face you may even lose a bit of weight. At this time all your old regular clothes will fit you. By the time you enter into the third month you will find you clothes getting a bit tight and you may not be able to wear the buttons of your jeans. It is now a good time to start shopping.

When you enter into the second trimester you will need maternity clothes. Your maternity wardrobe for these three months should include three dark coloured pouch pants, dresses which flow out from below the bust line and large size t shirts. You can wear slightly tight t shirts during the second trimester to show off your growing belly.

Even if the maternity pants don’t support your belly in the beginning, don’t worry you will grow into them. These will not fit you in the third trimester. However do not discard any of the clothes that you have worn in the second trimester as these are once again going to fit you after your delivery and you will continue wearing them till you lose all your excess weight. Don’ buy anything with buttons and also avoid getting skirts for your new wardrobe.

During the last trimester you will again need a new set of clothes. Don’t spend too much on the clothes you buy in the last few months as they will not fit you later on. Spend your money wisely and get some pretty and expensive dresses during the second trimester as you will make use of those clothes a lot more.

Shoes are another thing you may
need to buy; especially if you are more used to wearing high heels. Pregnant women need to wear flat shoes. You will also need a good pair of sneakers as your doctor will ask you go for walks as part of your exercise program.

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