Shopping For the Baby To Come

While you are shopping for your own clothes and readying for the hospital, you begin to collect maternity clothes, buy new feeding bras and breast pads for yourself. Your bag is always usually packed by the time you get into the eighth month. By this time you should have also stocked up on the things you will need for your infant. Depending on the weather that your child will be born in, select your clothes accordingly.

Rompers are usually the best for the new born. When you you them, make sure they do not cover the feet as the baby is new to you, it is very difficult to make them wear it. The baby will also need regular nappy changes will be very difficult if the feet are covered. Make sure it has buttons as fasteners so that they can wear it through their hands rather than through the head. It will be much easier for you. You will need to have at least seven to eight rompers initially. You can make the baby make the long, full rompers at night, and the shorter ones can be worn through the day.

Buy at least three to four pairs of socks for the baby if you aregoin to be in an air conditioned room. You will need at least two caps for the baby in case you are going out. Get at least two pairs of mittens to cover the baby’s hand. You do not need to stock up on thick blankets or too many blankets. Two or three simple, small cotton blankets should be just fine. The baby will feel as hot or cold as you.

Get a tiny pillow for the baby which has a hollow in the centre which will support the head. But a small packet of disposable nappies and at least ten to twelve cloth ones. Do not buy too many disposable nappies as you will need to know if it will suit the baby’s skin or cause a nappy rash. When choosing a fastener for the cloth nappy, avoid the safety pin type as you may poke the baby. Instead, buy the snap on variety.