Sibling Rivalry – What You Can Do To Get Rid Of It

Sibling rivalry is one of the most common problems that parents face from time to time, especially if you have lots of children in your care. Sibling rivalry would be a common scenario in such a family, considering that each child would demand certain attention, unconditional love and undivided attention.

When these things happen, there’s nothing you can do but ask yourself, what have you gotten yourself into? Though sibling rivalry is considered to be normal among children, there are some steps that you as parents can take, to ease such tensions and division among your kids.

Often times you may have heard your kids arguing and yelling at each other, and when you confront them one would utterly leash out its emotions expressing that you don’t love him or her the way you love your other child.Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking? Knowing that you know in your heart that you’re doing the best you can to show to them how much you love all of them? Well, maybe they just couldn’t see it, that’s why such thought would often make children misunderstand their parents. It may break your heart to hear such a remark from your child, but bear in mind that kids moods are transitory and shifts quickly.

There are times when your child may think that the world is already coming to an end for him/her right now but, he/she will soon forget it after his/her tantrums have finally passed.

As parents, never give in to your child’s emotions or dramatic wailing. The best thing you can do is calm her down and assure her or him that you love all of them, that though each one of them are different from one another. You love your children since all of them came from you, making your dramatic child realize that no matter what she/he is you love her/him and treat her/him the way you treat her/his siblings.

Eventually after expressing herself/himself, she’ll/he'll calm herself/himself down and then go back to the way she/he was before.

Most probably at the end of the day you’ll see your child chasing her/his brother or sister, which would eventually give you enough time to think about your parenting style.Though sibling rivalry cannot be totally eradicated in every home it can be minimized, and that will depend entirely on you as their parents.

Just remember not to show favoritism to any of your children, if you parse one for doing great in school, then don’t forget to praise the other for whatever goodness that he or she had done that day. It may be tiring but that’s the price of being a parent, and a great responsibility that you should consider for the rest of your life.