Side Effects of Abortion

Abortion is a serious step of life and one should think hundreds of time before getting it done. There are many debates over this controversial issue of whether it is safe to get an abortion done or not. However, as for now, it is known that there are many side effects of abortion. People seek for surgery, abortion pills, etc for abortion but all these methods do have one or the other side effect. None of them is side effect free.

If you choose to take an abortion pill, then you may suffer from problems like excessive bleeding, nausea, diarrhea, painful cramps, headache and vomiting. So before taking it, you must remember to consult a doctor and know if they would suit you. Sometimes, abortion may remain half done which can be very dangerous to your health. Abortion can also cause infertility. A woman may never be able to conceive again. Off course this is just a possibility and this does not happen generally.

A surgical abortion could be harmful to you as well. You may be risking your life if you wish to get it done. In this, a woman is already suffering from a lot of depression and mental tension, so complications can occur internally. But even then you proceed with the abortion process; there are some complications that you can suffer from.

These include uterine perforation, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine hemorrhage, coexistent ectopic pregnancy, delayed sequelae and asherman syndrome. It is very unlikely to get infections but the probability is not zero. You may suffer from them if you have health issues from before. Also, due to abortion your immune system’s functionality decreases which may be a reason why women gets the viral or bacterial infections.

So looking at these side effects, it is always suggested to avoid abortion. Prevention is better than cure so be preplanned and then take these critical decisions. There are numerous risks involved and your life is at stage during abortion so always take this decision intelligently. Any surgery would involve risk and pills aren’t recommended either. So avoid abortion as far as possible.