Signs and Causes of False Pregnancy or Pseudocyesis

False pregnancy or pseudocyesis is a condition wherein a woman exhibits symptoms of pregnancy but is not actually pregnant. This is actually a mental condition caused either by an intense desire to get pregnant or an extreme fear for getting pregnant. For many women, pregnancy is a great idea and they cannot wait to become mother of a wonderful little life created inside her own body.

While for a few women, getting pregnant is the last thing they want because of reasons best known to her. In either case, an extremity is involved which may lead to a false belief that the subject is pregnant.

Generally, women who have been trying to conceive without success for quite some time are often victims of false pregnancy. They have been so desperate to get pregnant that any exhibition of signs similar to those of pregnancy is taken as signs of being pregnant. But in reality these signs may stem from factors not related with pregnancy.

One of the most common signs of false pregnancy is missed period. Missed period in fact can be a very early sign of pregnancy. However, a woman’s period is not regular as clockwork and as such, her menstrual period can get delayed. And since she is under a lot of stress and tension due to her inability to conceive, it is most likely that she missed period due to the activities of stress hormones. And if her period has been not so regular, missed period should not be taken as a sure shot sign of being pregnant.

Breasts tenderness is also a common sign of false pregnancy. A woman may be easily made to believe that she is pregnant because she has breast soreness. But in actuality, this may be caused by menstruation. Again, cramps resulting from menstruation can be taken as a sign of being pregnant. Likewise other early signs of pregnancy such as bloating and nausea can be caused by overproduction of stress hormones. At the slightest intention or hint, a woman suffering from pseudocyesis may feel she is pregnant.

The best way to clear the air whether you are pregnant or not is get a pregnancy test done. Often investing in a home pregnancy test kit will suffice.