Signs And Prevention Of Preterm Labor

Most women have waking nightmares about the prospect of premature or preterm labor. It’s a serious complication and is said to occur if the woman experiences labor before the 37 weeks gestation period.

This complication can be avoided if a woman knows about the various signs and symptoms of preterm labor and thus can take steps to prevent the premature birth of the baby. Proper care and treatment will also ensure a better chance of survival for the baby.

The tell tale signs

One of the earliest signs of premature labor is when you begin experiencing up to 5 contractions in duration of one hour. In such cases, you must contact your Doctor immediately.  Bright red blood or vaginal spotting is another sign of preterm labor.

If you experience pain during urination it can be a sign of bladder or kidney infection, which in turn is a sign of preterm labor. Also keep a lookout for severe pressure on your pelvic region and watery fluid suddenly gushing out of your vagina – a sure sign of preterm labor.

Preventing Preterm Labor

A number of preterm labor cases cannot be prevented, but there are many which can be prevented if the women take note of the signs of preterm labor. If you think you are experiencing the signs of premature labor, you need to contact your medical practitioner immediately. Your practitioner will make sure that you take the necessary steps for prevention.

On such step is making sure that your body is hydrated. Dehydration leads to a decrease in the volume of blood in your body, which increases the levels of oxytocin, a hormone that causes contractions of the uterus. Treatment for yeast infections or bladder infections can also be prescribed if your practitioner thinks they lie at the root of your premature labor.

Some women are worried that the signs they read are actually the working of an overactive imagination. But, that’s the wrong way of going about it and just inviting trouble. If there are any doubts and if you think you are experiencing some signs its best that you get in touch with your doctor.