Signs And Symptoms Of Multiple Pregnancy

Often some pregnant women infer that they are carrying more than one child. Sometimes you may observe that during pregnancy your abdomen increases in size very rapidly. This may indicate that you are pregnant with twins or multiples. Given below are some signs and symptoms of multiple pregnancy.

An abnormal growth of the abdomen during pregnancy may indicate that you are pregnant with twins or multiples. Your doctor may measure the size of your uterus to find out the gestational period.

If you are carrying more than one baby then your uterus will swell more than a single pregnancy. But do not consider it to be the sure sign of multiple pregnancy. Other factors can also be responsible for the abnormal increase of your abdominal size.

Weight gain during pregnancy varies with some other factors like height and the body type of the expectant mother. In general, an expectant mother carrying a single child gains about 5-7 pounds in the first trimester.

If you gain weight rapidly and beyond this limit then there is an increased chance that you are carrying more than a single child. But an abnormal weight gain can also indicate your unhealthy eating habits.

Excessive fatigue may be another sign and symptom of pregnancy with multiples. Excessive fatigue is the most common symptom seen in women who are pregnant with multiples. In some cases other factors such as poor nutrition, stress, and load of work may also be responsible for excessive fatigue during pregnancy.

If you carefully listen to the heartbeats of your baby you will be able to find out whether you are pregnant with a single baby or multiple babies. In case of multiple babies you will hear two or more heartbeats.

These heartbeat sounds are quite clear at the end of the first trimester. Though morning sickness is a common complaint of pregnant women, mothers of multiples show comparatively severe morning sickness during pregnancy.

Early or frequent fetal movement may also indicate that a pregnant woman is carrying multiples. A pregnant woman generally does not observe fetal movement in the first trimester. A mother of multiples experience comparatively early and frequent fetal movements.

The above mentioned symptoms can only indicate that you may be pregnant with multiples. But the definite way to say that you are indeed carrying multiples is to confirm it via ultrasound.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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