Signs and Symptoms of Prenatal Depression

Many of us have read about post natal depression. But very few know about prenatal depression. Prenatal depression is as much a reality and cause of concern as is post natal depression. Many women suffer from it during their pregnancy. However, very few show themselves to a doctor for treatment.

There are sure shot symptoms of prenatal depression and every concerned man should look out for these signs in his pregnant partner and get her treated promptly.

Pregnant women suffering from prenatal depression feels sad, lonely and hopeless. Such women find it difficult to concentrate on everyday work and take hours to complete a task that they earlier used to finish in minutes.

The women feel reluctant to talk about their feelings as they might suffer from guilt about feeling sad at a phase in their lives when they should be celebrating. An observant husband, partner or family member should help since the condition might affect the unborn baby as well.

Instead of binging on food like healthy pregnant women do, women with prenatal depression suffer from loss of appetite. If a woman has to force herself to eat because she thinks she is not eating proper, then she must visit a doctor to check for prenatal depression.

A pregnant woman who does not eat properly is not a good sign. Pregnant woman should be eating at least six healthy meals spread over 24 hours.

A healthy weight gain is a must from the second trimester onwards. However, if you have not been putting on consistent weight and are worrying about getting fat during pregnancy, then you must definitely consult a doctor.

Women who develop prenatal depression have a constant fear of gaining weight and looking fat. Being pregnant does not make you fat. Unhealthy snacking during pregnancy leads to rapid weight gain. For a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby consistent weight gain is required.

One of the most obvious signs of prenatal depression is self injury. The pregnant woman is constantly thinking of indulging in physical harm including cutting, burning, jumping and even committing suicide. If you have thought of any of the above physical harms then you must get in touch with your doctor who would provide you with therapy.

Pregnancy is the best moment on a woman’s life and you can enjoy this time with your partner and family by accepting your condition and seeking help.

Anubha Pandey