Signs Of Attention Deficit Disorder – Signs You Cannot Ignore

The last thing that a parent should expect is their child having attention deficit disorder, what kind of parents who’d expect their child to have such a condition anyway?

It may be hard to believe but Attention Deficit Disorder otherwise known as ADD may be noticeable at the early stage of your child, though for some kids ADD would eventually start to manifest itself at the age of 7.

So it wouldn’t be a surprise to you anymore when your Doctor finally explain to you why your child behave in such as way, a bit off you may say. You already have an idea that something’s wrong with your kid but you just can’t put your finger into what it really is. Here are the most common signs of attention deficit disorder that may manifest in your child’s behavior.

Having difficulties in organizing tasks and certain activities, forgetful and daydream’s most of the time, and can’t focus its attention when spoken to, have difficulties in following instructions and paying attention to small and even simple details and gets easily bored especially if the assigned task involves mental concentration.

These are the most common signs of the first kind of ADD which is classified as the inattentive type of attention deficit disorder. On the other hand the other type of ADD is the hyper-active impulsive ADD, which manifests the following signs of attention deficit disorder:

Squirms and fidgets most of the time, can’t control emotions , can’t keep itself remain on its seat and keeps on twitching, crawls, walks and climbs most of the time and have difficulties in keeping silent and still, talks most of the time even if not being spoken to, interrupts others most of the time and speaks without thinking what he or she’s saying, have problems in waiting for his turn, behaves aggressively towards his or her peers and is restless.

If you think that’s the worse of the ADD symptoms, well you’re wrong there’s actually the third one which is the combination of ADD 1 and 2. Therefore if you observe your child to be quite impulsive, restless and aggressive and showing all or any signs of attention deficit disorder that are listed above. Then, don’t endure for such a behavior; it’s probably the right time for you to seek professional help or medical treatment for your child.