Signs Of Miscarriage

Pregnancy is the most cherished and joyful period of a woman’s life. But one should also remember that pregnancy is a very critical stage in life and that even a minor mistake might lead to a miscarriage.

Even if the utmost care and precautions are taken, sometimes a miscarriage can also happen due to no fault of the mother.

A miscarriage is defined as a spontaneous end of a pregnancy at a stage where the fetus is incapable of surviving any longer. This loss of pregnancy is usually seen to happen within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. A miscarriage can be an emotionally shattering experience, which spoils all the joys of a pregnancy.

There can be many causes of miscarriage. Hormonal imbalances, genetic factors, infections, maternal age and lifestyle of the mother are some of the causes. It is very essential for all pregnant women to be aware of the signs of a miscarriage.

Heavy vaginal bleeding and severe pain in the abdomen are the evident signs of a miscarriage during the early stages of pregnancy. The bleeding will be similar to or heavier than your menstrual bleeding. Intermittent passing of blood clots through the vagina also indicates the condition of miscarriage.

During the early stages of pregnancy,some women may experience a slight spotting known as implantation bleeding .This should not be considered as a sign of miscarriage.

A sharp pain
in the abdomen which slowly spreads to the lower back and pelvic region is a sure shot sign of a miscarriage. The intensity of pain can vary from one woman to the other. A sudden loss of all the pregnancy symptoms and a drastic decrease in the weight of the expectant mother should also be causes of concern.

Any lack of fetal movements during the second and third trimester of your pregnancy, should be bought under immediate medical attention as it might be an indication of a miscarriage.

You should also immediately report to
your physician if you experience signs of preterm labor such as cramping, backache and pressure in the pelvic region during the later half of your pregnancy.

There is no treatment which guarantees a hundred percent security from miscarriages. Following a healthy life style and taking all the necessary precautions are the things to be done by an expectant mother to avoid the occurrence of a miscarriage.