Simple Remedies For Cradle Cap

Infants below three months of age are prone to something known as Cradle Cap. This is a common skin problem, which occurs on the baby’s scalp. Yellow flakes or scaly patches develop on the skin that might seem like a serious breakout of dandruff.

These scales and flakes are painless, but must be treated immediately.Dermatologists advise mothers to oil their infants’ skin regularly. Applying any type of oil like vegetable, chemical or mixed oil will soothe the affected skin. Let the scalp soak the oil, and then try to clean them gently with a soft cotton cloth.

Opt for a mild shampoo and wash the scalp gently with it regularly. Most mothers would want to use a good quality of baby shampoos for their infants. Products manufactured especially for babies by credible brands are preferable over locally made stuff.

Some homemade simple remedies for Cradle Cap are also common nowadays. Applying tea tree oil regularly is a natural way to treat skin problems. One can also make a paste out of tea-tree oil, Aloe Vera and other mild herbs for the same purpose. But make sure the paste is not harsh on the baby’s skin by testing it on your skin first. If the tested area becomes red or itches, do not use the paste on your baby.

Another helpful paste can be made out of water and baking soda. Apply it gently on the scalp and leave it untouched for about 10 minutes. This will leave out some waxy flakes, which can be cleaned up. The scales that soften and come out should be wiped by a soft brush, comb or cloth. But this needs to be done with utmost care, otherwise it may result in hair-loss or scalp damage.

Parents must not pick or try to peel off the scales in any case. The flakes will look as if they can be easily scratched out in one go, but doing so will result in red blotches on the baby’s head, or a serious infection. In extreme cases, it can lead to bleeding of the scalp too. The above-mentioned simple remedies for Cradle Cap should be preferred. Also, consult a pediatrician before treating it yourself.

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