Simple Steps To Prenatal Care

Not many couples have a planned pregnancy, but for those who decide to get pregnant it is advised to prepare your body at least a month ahead so that you can conceive easily, have a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

Get a complete check up: This will help your doctor determine is your body is healthy enough to get pregnant and carry your baby to term. You will be mostly asked details of your past and will have to undergo a blood test,conduct pap smear tests along with other tests.

Even your partners may have to go for for a general health check up, to check his sperm count and confirm he is healthy enough for fathering a child.

Visit your dentist: Believe it or not, your dental health affects your overall health. Also, most doctors confirm that gum and teeth diseases may lead to premature birth and low birth weight for your baby.

Reach your healthy weight: It maybe difficult for you to conceive and carry your baby to term if you are too thin or overweight. You will need to check with your doctor and confirm the ideal weight and try to achieve it.

Eat a healthy diet: Ensure your diet consists of a good blend of vitamins and minerals. Include fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid eating too many processed foods. Also, stop taking any medications or supplements unless advised by your doctor. Your doctor may put you on prenatal supplements to ensure a healthy pregnancy term.

Change your lifestyle: If you are amongst those who like partying, drinking and smoking, then it is time to change your lifestyle.  All these not only hamper your chances of getting pregnant, but also result in a risky pregnancy, hampering the health of your child.

Stay away from harmful chemicals: Whether it is you or your partner, staying away from harmful pesticides, chemical, cleaning supplies or paints is a must. These products may contain lead or any other carcinogenic materials in them.

Start a healthy workout regime: Being active before your pregnancy will help you stay active during your pregnancy term too. A simple exercise regime like walking for about half hour daily will help you maintain a healthy weight throughout the pregnancy and after. You can enjoy your exercises by indulging in activities like swimming, yoga, cycling etc. These will help you reduce stress and can be done by you an your partner.

Meera M.Das