Single Parenting Survival Tips

Single parenting is not an easy undertaking and can prove to be even harder at times. Single parenting, especially the first year may require skill and strategy to deal with your child and the changed circumstances. Though no single formula can be crafted for successful parenting, single parenting can be made easy by implementing some survival tips. Some useful single parenting survival tips are discussed below.

If you have multiple kids you should pay attention to each one individually. You should not be present with your children just physically. Your physical presence is needed by your children but they need you emotionally too. Hence, be emotionally present with them.

Try to spend quality time with your children and hear what each one has to say. If they cultivate the habit of sharing their thoughts with you, you won’t have much difficulty in solving their problems timely. If you play some games with them both of you will get happiness and bonding between you and your kids will become stronger.

It is very important and crucial for a single parent to develop a social network. Your family and friends are the ones to rely upon but you should try to add new persons to this list. Keep your eyes, mind and heart open and identify people whom you can trust and depend upon at the time of crisis. The list of these persons will remind you that you are not alone in this world; this thought will provide you strength to deal with your children and the changed circumstances more efficiently.

To save time is important for a single parent. This can be done by developing time saving ways of completing daily responsibilities. You can complete your several tasks at one time like while on the way to market you can also pay your electricity bills, etc. When you have extra time, you can cook some extra foods and keep them in the refrigerator. These can be used later on just by reheating them. Take help of your kids at home.

Having a positive attitude can help you to sail through the tough time smoothly. You may feel devoid of energy after fulfilling the needs of your children and fulfilling all your responsibilities. You need to take good care of your health by eating right and taking sufficient rest. De-stress yourself by exercising, joining a club, reading a book, etc.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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