Skin Care During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many skin related problems can bring you a nightmare but do not freak out. It is a common thing for pregnant women to have excessive pimples, sagging skin and dark circles. Do not be worried unnecessarily. There are that you must be aware while you are pregnancy. Use of make up, cleansers or exfoliantes during the first trimester can be harmful for skin so make sure you avoid them. Do not mistakenly take pregnancy related breakout with acne.

If you plan to get it treated by dermatologist, they tell him before that you are pregnant and then take appropriate treatment. In case you want a skin exfoliant then go for mechanical on they keep skin soft. Now that you are pregnant, reduce salon visits and enjoy natural beauty for a while. chemicals used can do harm in your pregnancy, even if it is minor and you surely do not want that.

As for dry skin, try to avoid anti- itch ointments as it is said that the chemicals that they contain can harm the baby. Wash your face thrice in a day with a moisturizing and gentle face wash. Whenever you go out of your house, apply sun block 20 minutes before you do so.  Drink loads of water so as to keep yourself fresh and intake of vegetable and fruit juices is essential to add glow on skin. Have a balanced diet to have a healthy pregnancy.

Include calcium, vitamin, minerals, fibers and iron in your diet so as to keep skin radiant. Mechanical exfoliants are recommended for skin. Do not take much bath as it can make your skin further dry during pregnancy.

Some of the basic thing like keeping room well humidified should be taken care of. Also give serums a rest and stick to natural things like papaya, aloe vera, turmeric, yoghurt, etc for skin care. This way, you save money and get flawless skin during pregnancy without the chemicals. This is the healthiest way to get great and soft skin. If you would follow all these tips then you are sure to fetch soft and subtle skin while you are pregnant.