Skin Conditions During Pregnancy

Changing hormonal levels during pregnancy largely affects your appearance. Many noticeable changes occur in the skin during pregnancy period.

During pregnancy it is common for the pregnant woman to experience pigmentation changes in her skin.

There might be darkening of your freckles and moles. This shouldn’t be normally any cause of worry as the condition usually disappears after pregnancy. But if your moles are getting itchy then do consult your physician and do the needy.

When you are pregnant, light pigmentation marks can appear in your face and parts which are exposed to the sun, like your forearm. This is referred to as mask of pregnancy and is termed as chloasma. The condition is more pronounced in women with dark complexion. A dark line called linea nigra can also appear from the center of the abdomen and run down your belly.

Hormonal changes leading to an increase in the body’s melanin production is responsible for these conditions. These pigmentations are quite harmless and are seen to disappear after delivery when the hormonal levels subside.

Stretch marks are a problem faced by almost all pregnant women around the globe. They are pink or red lines seen in the thighs, breasts and abdominal areas and is caused due to the stretching of skin during pregnancy. Heredity and overweight can be the cause of this condition.

These marks are seen to disappear slowly after delivery. You can use stretch mark prevention creams and also moisturize your skin daily to tackle this condition.

Skin rashes and itchy skin are a common pregnancy complaint. You should wash the affected area with luke warm water and follow it up by dusting with medicated powders.

An increased production of sebum during pregnancy tends to make the skin more oily leading to pimple formation. Clean and exfoliate your skin regularly. Always wash your skin with luke warm water and then pat dry. Drink plenty of water and include lots of fruits and leafy greens in your diet.

If you already have dry skin, it tends to get even drier during pregnancy. Drink plenty of water and always keep your skin hydrated. Use moisturizers and stay away from excessive exposure to air conditioners and heaters.

To maintain a healthy skin during pregnancy, protect yourself from harsh weather conditions. Take your regular dose of antenatal supplements and also have a well balanced diet.