Skincare Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy brings about a number of changes in a woman’s body. Skin problems are a part of these hormonal changes that occur in a female body during her pregnancy. So if you are pregnant and are worried about your skin, just drive away all the blues as here are some useful tips that will help you maintain your skin’s sheen throughout the nine months.

Facial Skin Care

Many women experience excessive oiliness on their face during the first three months of pregnancy. This greasiness is a result of the overall hormonal fluctuations in the body and can be treated with mild and natural beauty care ingredients. While you need to avoid chemical exfoliates, you must clean your face with an organic cleanser at least thrice a day. What more you need to do is to properly cleanse your skin once in a week. However, in case you are going for a cleansing at the salon, you must inform the salon guys about your pregnancy to instruct them about the essential precautions.

Every skin requires adequate moisturizing and a would-be-mom’s oily skin is no exception to this beauty rule. Anyhow, since it is better to stay away from chemical preparations, you must get some nice moisturizing gel or lotion, preferably based on Aloe Vera, cucumber, fruits or other natural components. As a piece of precaution, don’t use any aromatherapy oil without consulting a therapist.

Body Skin Care

While you might develop pimply eruptions and acne on your face, other areas of your body also get affected by hormonal irregularity. Actually pregnancy is a time when your body is preparing itself for raising up a new life and thus is in the process of natural detoxification. All this affects your skin and consequently you may develop dryness and itchiness in your abdomen while your palms might become itchy. Now, you can treat these common skin issues by gently scrubbing your skin. Regular moisturizing is also important as it also helps in preventing stretch marks that usually occur after delivery.

Stay well hydrated, eat fresh fruits regularly, exercise as per your doctor’s advice and enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. Look good and feel great!