Sleeping During Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, you do not really experience any sleep disturbances or problems initially. Every month of pregnancy brings along with it it’s own set of happiness and also it’s own set of problems.

Once you are way into your pregnancy, that is by the time you reach about the seventh month, your belly has become much larger and things that you may have done relatively easily become somewhat of a problem. It is better to take care right from it’s onset to avoid any extra problems that can be caused even after the delivery.

How you handle yourself during pregnancy will help the body after you have delivered. Your sleep pattern will get a bit disturbed with your heavy belly. You will find it uncomfortable to sleep on your back as you will be arching your back by doing so. You will experience back pain and it would be much more comfortable if you sleep on your side. You will find yourself more comfortable on one particular side as compared to the other.

As your stomach gets bigger, even sleeping on the side will become very uncomfortable. Towards the end of your pregnancy, sleep on the side with one leg resting on a pillow, and also put some support in the form of a pillow on the side of your back.

You may also feel a lot of indigestion towards the last leg of your pregnancy. This will also affect your sleep. Eat smaller meals and eat earlier in the evening allowing your food to digest.

The sleep problems that you experience due to the extra weight that you are carrying affects the other parts of your body as well. It is beneficial to do some exercises which will help the back, the legs and neck. It will also help you sleep better. Since your sleep is disturbed at night, try and catch up on your sleep at any other part of the day, even if it means putting your head down on the table and napping whenever you can.

Take a little care, and you will find ways to sleep and rest, and not stress the body.