Sleeping Tips During Pregnancy

During pregnancy a women becomes tired very easily. This is because her body works continuously to protect and nurture her developing baby.So, a pregnant woman needs a lot of rest and comfort is the key factor.

However, as uterus grows, abdomen also grows which leads the pregnant women deprived of her sleep and so sleeping becomes challenging. Hence, it’s important to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Good and uninterrupted sleep is necessary for both the baby as well as the would-be mom.  Because on one hand, good sleep helps in healthy growth and development of the baby while on the other hand, it leaves the mom refresh and happy .Lying or sleeping on the either sides of the body, right side or left side whichever is comfortable for the expectant moms should be practiced.

However, doctors recommend to sleep on the left side because this helps in the optimum flow of blood to the body and uterus. Either of the positions can be achieved with the help of pillows or cushions under the belly, legs, back or on the either sides as per the need and body requirement.

Lying or sleeping on the back side is not recommended during pregnancy. Because during this time, there is an increase in the weight of the uterus.So, when mom-to-be sleep on their back, the weight of the uterus falls on the spine, back muscles, intestines, and major blood vessels.

This leads to muscle aches, pains, hemorrhoids, and impaired circulation, which reduces the blood circulation in the baby. This further leads to either high or low blood pressure in expectant moms. Similarly, sleeping on the expanded tummy is also not comfortable and advisable.

It’s difficult to develop the habit of sleeping on the sides in the later stages of pregnancy. So, expectant moms should try and develop the habit of good sleeping positions from the early days of pregnancy. In addition to sleeping positions for good night sleeps, expectant moms should —

* Develop regular routine of going to bed and waking up from bed, everyday.

* Practice relaxation methods and techniques to calm and sooth themselves.
* Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks especially before going to bed

* Avoid excess drinking of fluids or overeating before going to bed

* Develop the habit of reading good books while going to bed.

Raka Raghuvanshi