Smoking During Pregnancy

Having a baby is a big decision which demands lot of changes in life of expectant mother and the other family members. A new added member in the family comes with added responsibilities.

The first and foremost duty is to welcome the little angel with the most protective and caring environment. So smoking is one such habit which affects the life of mom and child . It’s always good if you leave smoking when you want to have a baby.

It’s advisable that even your partner or any other member who smokes in the home should avoid it in front of you. Everyone knows that it’s a difficult task to do but for the health of the baby it’s always a very small price to pay for lifelong happiness.

Leaving smoking can make you healthier and you will feel better from inside. Undoubtedly starting some days will be difficult but you can use some gum and keep yourself busy so that the urge can be suppressed. Smoking is known to have decreasing effect on appetite. So it can hamper the baby’s proper nutrition.

It causes acidity which can make your morning sickness symptoms more pronounced. You can talk to your other friends and family about it and they will definitely help you. If the conditions are difficult for you then you can seek professional help .leaving smoking will be a wise decision for your whole life and this is the right time to do that.

Smoking not only affects your heart and lung but also your child as the toxic material in the cigarette can cross blood placental barrier and can affect the health of your baby. it lowers the amount of oxygen which reaches the fetus hence hampering the normal growth of the baby. In serious cases a preterm labor can occur. The condition can worsen further and in early pregnancy there may be miscarriage.

Some infants lose their life due to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) which is associated with smoking. In this disease smoking during pregnancy is one big risk factor.

So it’s always good to leave smoking as early as possible. Its never late than never.