Social Phobia – Reasons And Remedies

All children experience certain amount of anxiety and fear in their life. However, when the same anxiety and fear overpower their social life, then it starts acting as a hurdle in their normal and healthy development. This is termed as social phobia

So, social phobia can be explained as the intense feeling of fear in kids where they feel and believe that they are less competent than their peer group and henceforth feel embarrassed. Due to this intense feeling, they start avoiding social gatherings and social activities. Such kids are extremely shy and lack confidence in their actions due to fear of facing humiliation.

Social phobia is generally experienced by kids and descents which are considered to be the building block stage of their development. Therefore, it is very essential to recognize the symptoms of social phobia experienced by our kids and correct them at the earliest.

Kids suffering from social phobia avoid –

  • Going to parties
  • Participating in speech competition, debates , etc
  • Speaking to their teachers
  • Writing on black board in classroom
  • Eating out
  • Talking over phone etc

Such kids have persistent fear of unfamiliar situations. They are normal during their daily activities but are always scared to face scrutiny or new and unfamiliar situations.

It also causes tension or stress in advance for any new events or programmes.

Social phobia causes other symptoms like –

  • Sweating
  • Nervousness
  • Fast heart beat
  • Heavy chest
  • Shaky voice, legs or hands
  • Breathlessness ,nausea etc

Thus, social phobia interrupts with child’s normal upbringing at school and social level. Small kids and teenagers are unable to understand their reason for anxiety and sometimes do not accept it. Therefore, it is important for parents to realize that there are some reasons that are causing their kid’s social phobia and help them to overcome them.

Beside this, parents must also know that the kids suffering form social phobia may have one or more than one reason for their anxiety disorders and therefore, parents should try and find out all the possible reasons for their kid’s anxiety.

In addition to this, symptoms of social phobia varies from time to time. So, parents must watchout for every specific reasons for their kid’s anxiety and deal with them accordingly.  Parents and teachers play an important role in their kid’s life.Therefore, in order to remove the social phobia from them, –

a) At home, parents should –

  • try to build self confidence
  • not force them too hard to participate in social activities rather they should encourage them and provide moral support at all points
  • make them realize that there are many kids who face similar situations
  • provide continuous motivation and support

b) In schools, teachers should encourage such kids and help them to build friendship with extrovert kids.

Raka Raghuvanshi