Solutions for Breasts Pains During Nursing

To experience pains in your breasts during and sometimes after breastfeeding is quite common. And you are not alone who is looking for solutions for breast pains during nursing, many moms are also seeking remedies for breast pains during breastfeeding.

These pains can happens due to several reasons including letdown reflux, engorged breasts, overproduction of breast milk, blocked milk ducts etc. As such, there are different solutions which address different causes. Now let’s take these remedies one by one.

If the pain is caused by breast engorgement, then it is a sign that your baby is having latching problems and not enough milk is sucked out from your breasts. The solution for this is hand expressing milk or pumping milk just before and after breastfeeding. A warm and cold compress will not only relieve you from pain but also make expressing milk easier as it stimulate circulation.

Letdown reflux can caused sporadic and short-lived pains in breasts during nursing. This is quite natural and it will disappear as you and your baby become established in breastfeeding. Nevertheless, you can try a few breathing techniques which may reduce the discomfort.

If you have not learned these techniques during your prenatal classes, you can learn it now. Also consult a lactation expert who will suggest you correct breastfeeding positions and techniques.

Again overproduction of milk can cause breast pains. Just as breast engorgement, this can again be caused by latching problems. Your body fails to determine how much milk it should produce for adequately feeding the baby.

So the solution lies in making your baby latch on properly to your breasts. Consulting a lactation expert will again be helpful. The milk supply will normalized once your baby is able to properly draw milk out of your breasts.

Also, anything that keeps the breasts compressed may cause pains in them. See if your bra properly fits you. Tight-fitting bras can compress your breasts. Also, under wired bras are best avoided. Use a nursing bra instead. Again, avoid sleeping on your stomach as your breasts may feel the pressure.

Breast pains during nursing can also be caused by medical conditions such as mastitis. In such cases, you have to seek medical attention.