Solutions For Feet Swelling During Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant so many things undergoes changes inside her body. Not only the physical changes but hormonal changes affect her in many ways. These changes are all so natural and required by the body and hence should not be causes for worry. Yet these changes may cause several pregnancy ailments and problems and one of this is swelling of the feet.

The causes of feet swelling during pregnancy are mainly due to the fact that the feet bear the pressure of an ever increasing body weight and hence are susceptible to swelling. The swelling may also be manifested around the ankle and may cause you problems.

It may affect your day to day activity and slow down your movements. When severe, you will even find it difficult to stand or just move around your house. So it should be worthwhile to briefly discuss the solutions for feet swelling during pregnancy.The first thing you should do when your feet swell is to take rest, meaning resting your feet so as to take the pressure off them.

Also, make sure that you are not always on your feet all day long. Find time to relax, sit back, or lie down and simply relax so that your feet get a break.Secondly watch out your sodium intake. When your sodium intake is more, it results in water retention and hence leading to swelling feet in pregnant women. So, to reduce the chances of feet swelling during pregnancy, reduce your salt intake. Also, drink plenty of water so that your body remains adequately hydrated.

Water also helps in flushing out toxins from your body and its benefits cannot be ignored especially during pregnancy.It is also time to check if your shoes fit your feet comfortably. Although you might be wearing shoes that perfectly fit you or those are slightly tight, using such shoes are best avoided during pregnancy.

Always wear shoes that are comfortably fitted. Again, it is time to abandon those tight stockings. Anything tight in and around the feet and ankles will prevent proper blood flow and may aggravate your condition.

If the swelling is really severe, don’t wait; take an appointment with your physician immediately.