Special Attention to Baby’s Hair Care

Most babies are born bald, looking like so many Winston Churchill’s (He once said in wonderment: They all look like me!) Do not worry about this. It will grow in time. In other babies, hair, like most other parts of the baby, starts growing inside the womb.
A Six month fetus starts forming hair follicles. And, oil glands form under the follicles. Technology has enabled us to witness the fine hair that grows on the head of the fetus inside the womb with sonograms.

Some babies are naturally hairy and hair may start sprouting on the shoulders and the back also. Fetus hair will not show the true colors of the hair. It will all change after birth. This very soft hair growth falls off completely in four or five months all the while being replaced by the hair that will stay put.

Do not shave the baby’s head thinking that the new hair growth will be thick and fast. No proof of this exists.  Shave all you want for other purposes, if needed. You can wash the hair along with bath just with plain water, which will do. Be very careful not to press the fontanelle (the soft spot on the baby’s head. In fact there are two of these when the baby is born. One closes right after birth).

See that there are no tangles. You can use a little baby shampoo after two or three months. Baby shampoos are usually made with permissible limit of Ph. The PH factor should be around 4.5. It is possible to test it with nitrazine paper which you can buy from drug stores.  You would do well to consult a doctor before using shampoo.

If your baby’s hair grows fast, you may trim them yourself. Professional help is quite unwarranted. Combing is not necessary until the hair is some two inches long, however do untangle the hair before combing.

You may use five or six drops of hair oil when the baby is of three months old and go on increasing the quantity as the baby grows older. Some mothers love to keep them long, hence it is recommended for better growth timely triming should be done.