Speech Development in Kids

Speech development is one of the major milestones in the life of kids and parents. It’s the most wonderful feeling in parents seeing their kids undergoing various stages of speech development.

Parents are the best teachers of their kids. They understand them the most and so put all their best efforts in upbringing their child and developing them into perfect adults.

Kids need continuous stimulation during their process of speech development. They learn through play and interaction with family, friends, siblings. So, providing them opportunity to express themselves is vital part as well.

Books are the best friends of kids. Apart from building reading, listening habit in kids, they also increase their vocabulary and help in speech development. Parent’s right from the early stages of childhood development should develop the habit of story time and reading out books to their kids. Picture books attract kids and help them to learn and increase their knowledge.

Music is another tool which has its magical affect on kid’s speech development. Songs and rhymes attract kids and they learn it very fast. So, by encouraging kids to listening songs and rhymes and singing them helps in stimulating speech development.

Parents must spend time and communicate with their kids .Even while performing the daily chores of their kids, parents must speak with them and encourage them too. Ample opportunities should be given to kids to communicate. Parents must not ignore their kids talks rather they should always show interest in their talks and praise, appreciate their kids efforts.

Parents must not confuse their kids by using different languages at home. That is all the family members should speak in a common language among themselves as well as with the kid and should help their kid to develop the same language. Use of simple words also helps the kids to catch them easily. Parents must introduce new words to their kids from time to time and encourage them to complete their sentences.

Parents must note that kids are repetitive in nature and hence parents must repeat the words or sentences and help them to memories the same and thus help in their kid’s speech development.

Raka Raghuvanshi