Spending Time Away From The Kids

Parenting can be very difficult. The first eight months with your baby is actually the toughest. It is very difficult to leave the baby since you are feeding. But once the baby starts eating solids and sleeps through the nigh it is time to give time to your self.

In the case of first time moms they tend to be too possessive about the baby and do not trust anyone to take care of the baby.

This may cause problems between you and your spouse as well. Since you have spent so much time at home it is time to reorganize your life a bit. A good thing to do is if you have the grandparents living in the same town then leave the child with them overnight. It may be difficult the first few times but the kids get used to it.

Start a routine wher you send the kids every weekend; at least at night so that you can spend time with your friends or just sit at home and relax. This way even the grandparents are happy to spend quality time with the kids and look forward to the weekends. It is one of the safest places to leave your kids. You can fetch them in the morning but make sure you pack their bags with clothes and toys for your parents to entertain them

Once the kids know the routine they will wait for the weekends and you can safely make your plans. Bonding with the grandparents is very good for the kids as they learn lots of things from them as well. Do not interfere with your parents as to what they are going to do with your kids. Think of it as your day off and just enjoy yourself.

This is good for the kids as well as they learn to be away from their parents for short periods of time. It also makes them independent. When you spend time away from the kids you scream less at them. It is very important for you to have space away from the kids so that they too get less dependant on you.