Splash It Baby

Many kids have one thing I common, they hate to bathe. No matter how cute they look having their bubble bath only mothers know what all it takes to make them to do so.

Take all your child’s favorite rubber toys inside the bathrooms. He will feel he has entered his playing den and not the boring bathroom. Let him play around while you are busy cleaning him.

Buy all the bathing products in cute cartoon characters. The soap, shampoo, towel, bath tub everything should be colorful with attractive pictures of cartoon characters or dolls.

Even if you are not a trained singer, you can give your singing abilities a shot. Singing will help in distracting the baby from the bathing regime and he will take it as a nice playful time.

All baby girls have a habit of bathing their dolls. So let her take her favorite dollies along. While your baby is busy in giving her doll a bath, you can pamper and clean your doll as well.

Fragrance plays a vital role. Try to find out your kid’s favorite scent like orange, strawberry, lemon or banana. Once you know the right scent, try to buy all the products of those fragrances only. This will make the kid happy and he will enjoy the bath like never before.

Play games with your kid in the bathroom. Plastic blocks are a good option and so are rubber fish or ducks. Watch how many blocks or fish does your baby collect from the bath tub.

A kid’s safety should be taken care of in the bathroom. Keep everything within your reach, so that you don’t have to leave your child unsupervised. A good rubber mat will help avoiding slipping or falling. Hygiene is of utmost importance, as a baby’s skin is very sensitive.

Proper cleaning of the mug, bath robe, bath tub and towel is very essential. Test the temperature of water before pouring it on the baby’s tender skin. The water should not be too hot or too cold. Keep everything in smooth material in the bathroom, avoid sharp edges anywhere.

Every morning battle that you have to fight to draw your child into the bathroom shall be over now. All this will make your kid a bathing fan and cleansing your child will not be a challenge any more.