Spotting During Pregnancy

Spotting during pregnancy is an issue faced by many women.Spotting can occur during any stage of pregnancy.One should not confuse spotting with normal vaginal bleeding .Spotting will be experienced as a very light blood flow lasting for a day or two and will have a color ranging from pink to light brown.

Spotting during early pregnancy can be a due to many reasons.It can be implantation spotting caused by the implantation of the fertilized egg on to your uterine wall. This is not at all a cause of concern and is experienced by almost 80 percent of pregnant women.

But sometimes spotting may be due to reasons like ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy.Spotting during early pregnancy can also symbol a miscarriage.If that is the case, then the spotting will turn into heavy bleeding accompanied by the passage of fetal tissue.

But this needn’t be the case always as spotting during the first trimester can also be a symbol of threatened miscarriage. In such cases ,miscarriage won’t occur and the pregnant lady can go on to have a healthy and normal pregnancy, provided adequate rest and care is taken.

Spotting during the second and third trimesters can be an indication of placental problems like placenta previa and placental abruption.In such cases, the spotting will turn into heavy bleeding shortly.

You may also experience spotting when your pregnancy term is almost nearing an end. This will be due to the softening and loosening of the mucus plug and is an indication that your labor is about to begin.

Yeast infections which occur in the pelvic region can also lead to spotting.If there is a benign growth like a polyp on the cervical region, spotting can occur. Strenuous exercise and lifting heavy objects can also cause spotting during pregnancy.

You can also experience spotting if you have undergone a pap smear test. Having sexual intercourse when you are pregnant can also lead to spotting.

To prevent spotting, do not irritate your vaginal area.Abstain from having sex and do not douche. Decrease your physical activity and do take adequate rest.

You should always keep in track the amount of blood loss through spotting. The amount of blood can be contained in a panty liner and there will not be the need to use any sanitary pads.

If your spotting turns into heavy  bleeding, then immediately contact your health care provider.