Spousal Role in Labor: Subtle Touching Techniques to Ease and Speed up Labor

When you have entered into your third trimester, the thought of the impending labor and delivery can give your nervous moments. This is especially true for first-timers and those who had had a not-so-pleasant experience on the previous occasion. For the first time expectant moms, the notion of labor pain and what might happen in the labor room can make them apprehensive and anxious.

These thoughts are quite understandable. However rather than worrying too much, you and your partner can make good use of the time before your due date in preparing for the big occasion.

There are certain ways in which your partner can play a role in the birthing process. Your partner can actually play a big part in helping you, comforting you and thereby making the whole process easier and speedier. You can discuss the role your partner is likely to take up with your doctor beforehand.

One of the most important ways in which your partner can help you during labor is by touching, stroking, or massaging different parts of your body. There are different techniques of touches to ease labor which you and your partner can practice before your due date arrives. Let’s discuss some of these techniques.

Holding hands is one of the powerful touches which can ease the labor process. Let your partner hold your hands tightly and you will feel the difference when the going gets tough. Another way in which an expectant father can help her partner during labor is by caressing her belly. You will feel it good when those light and soft touches are applied. An effective temporary relief measure is to apply counter pressure on your lower back area.

Your partner can apply slight pressure with a clenched fist on your lower back giving your temporary labor pain relief. Massaging in the same area in between contractions can also be helpful in easing pain. Rubbing the neck and shoulders in between contractions is also an effective comforting measure. Other little gestures such stroking the hair or wiping of the forehead with a soft cloth are also comforting.

You and partner can start practicing these subtle little touches. While your partner gets an opportunity to participate in the birthing process, your labor process will be much more easy and speedy.