Squabbling Siblings

If you have two kids you can be rest assured that the are going to be fighting quite a bit. When you deliver your second baby ; the baby becomes like a novelty and your older one tends to spend lots of time playing and watching the new baby. Your older one will be quite enamored by the new baby in the house at least initially.

In time the novelty will wear off and your older one will begin to feel insecure and will want more attention from you and will not want you to spend so much time with the new baby.

She will begin to show signs of aggression and jealousy and as they grow they will fight more and will both fight for your attention and time. Each one will begin to want their own space and your older one will not want to share things that were once hers.

This squabbling is greater when the age gap between the two kids is more as they have less in common and also have different friends and do different things. The one who suffers the most through this squabbling is the mother and you will need to find out how to deal with this problem and keep it under control.

Children can be so aggressive that they can actually injure each other. If your kids are constantly fighting and bickering try and give them different tasks to do so that they do not come in each other’s way. When you have play dates make sure that each child has a friend over so that they are not bored and neglected.

If they are both demanding your attention then try and choose a game that you can play all together rather than with one child at a time. Remember it is usually the older one who feels neglected so try and spend some quality time with her.

When your spouse comes home use that time to sit with your older one and have chats with her. Give her lots of hugs and kisses and don’t have discussions about your younger child with her.