Stages Of Development Of Foetus In The Womb

Development Of Foetus In The WombTo be pregnant is an enjoyable experience! But many expectant mothers are way too ignorant about the goings on in the womb while they are pregnant. They just pass through a passive phase where all they do is rest and dream of the baby that is going to change their live in a few months.

Every pregnant mother must know the wonderful process of growth and development that God has so perfectly programmed in their body. This is why it is so important to be careful while you are pregnant. A small error in the system can lead to a complete or partial blackout which will prevent you from retrieving the lost data.

In this article we will discuss about the various stages of foetal development in the womb. It is essential to understand the miracle that goes on in your womb in order to believe and cherish what you have in your life. Something which God has only gifted women…

Pregnancy- The Beginning

Once you are pregnant, the wait starts. Many of us already know that pregnancy consists of 40 weeks. These weeks are again divided into three core stages of pregnancy starting from the first trimester and moving on to the second which is the easy part and the more difficult third trimester. Going through all these stages require great effort and energy from your part. It is also important for the mother to be healthy, strong, happy and mentally and physically capable of nurturing your child from within.

Pregnancy consists of two core ages, namely the gestational age and the foetal age. The gestational age is the age counted from the last day of your menstrual period. The foetal age on the other hand is the age of the foetus from the day on which you conceived which can be any day from the date of your last menstruation.

First Trimester of Pregnancy

First Trimester of Pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy consists of the first three crucial months when you are pregnant. Most mothers miss the first two months of pregnancy as they have not known that they are actually pregnant. The first trimester begins on the day when the egg that is fertilised has been planted in the womb. At this phase, the foetus has already been identified as male or female, depending on the types of chromosomes that have fused together.

It is in the first trimester of pregnancy that a woman has to be extra careful. This is the phase when the development of all body parts takes place which includes all the vital organs as well. Anything that goes wrong in the first trimester of your pregnancy can adversely affect the foetal development and result in anomalies that cannot be changed. It is also the time that a pregnant woman has to be very cautious as this is the time that an abortion can happen any time.

By the sixth week of your pregnancy, you could be up for an ultrasound and you would be amazed to hear the baby’s heart beats, loud and clear. Once the foetus completes 12 weeks of his existence, he would be weighing an ounce and close to three inches. A scan would reveal all the vital statistics of your foetus in this stage.

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

1st Part of Second Trimester

You have now entered the second trimester when you can start feeling the joys of motherhood inside your womb. By the 16th week, you would start feeling the kick and that twist inside your belly. It could sometimes be ticklish. Isn’t it interesting to know that by now your foetus has its own unique finger print? He would start clawing on your stomach walls with his tiny finger nails, will suck on his thumb, and has soft and fine hair on his head and body.

During this first phase, the cartilage which supports his tissues will start to harden and look more like bones. They would still be very malleable at this stage. By the second trimester the baby’s brain development is amazingly fast. This is the stage where you can start singing, talking and connecting with your foetus in the womb. Researchers suggest that talking to the baby can help develop his brain cells and improve his IQ.

2nd Part of Second Trimester

The second phase of the second trimester is important for all mothers as the gender of the foetus will be revealed during this phase. This is something that you have been waiting for long. Now you can start planning your baby’s nursery and stock up cute baby dresses for your bundle of joy! An ultrasound scan after the 20th week will reveal many things about the baby’s developments.

His activities, positions and of course his gender. After the 24th week, the baby could have good chances of survival if there is a pre term labour, albeit with the assistance of the doctor and medical equipments like the incubator. The foetus would start to look more like a new born baby at this stage with eyebrows, eyes and everything else in place. He would weigh close to 2 ½ pounds and would be about a foot in height. You would be pleased to see him in the ultrasound scan as everything is much more clear and perfect.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The third trimester is he phase when pregnant women gain most of those extra pounds which they are going to find it difficult to shake off. The weight gain of the baby is very fast at this stage. This is the final stage of pregnancy when the foetus changes its position to prepare for the birth. The head down or vertex position is the best position for a vaginal delivery.

With the weight gain in the third stage, the foetus would have very little space to move around. The mother too would experience greater difficulties at this stage due to the pressure on the spine and the weight that she has to carry around.
Once the position of the foetus is revealed in the third trimester, you will know whether you will have a C section or vaginal delivery. Any position of the baby other than the vertex position could lead to complications, leading to caesarean operation. The baby would now weigh about 8 pounds and would be close to 20 inches in length.


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