Starting with Breastfeeding

If you are going to be a first-time mother, you must have many unanswered questions on breastfeeding. Doctors always recommend feeding your baby breast milk from the very first hour of her birth. This is because of the fact that only breast milk helps to build up the immunity system of your baby to make her healthy and strong. No other way of feeding can provide as much strength, immunity and energy as the breast milk can. So, you should be mentally prepared for this, before you move to your final trimester.

After you give birth to your baby, she will be properly cleaned and wrapped comfortably and then you can start her feeding. Do not expect that you are going to generate enough milk to feed your baby from the very first day.

Generation of milk takes couple of days, by the time you should feed her the thick and yellowish secretion, which comes out of your breast. This liquid is known as colostrum and it takes an important part to boost up your child’s immunity system. Since the flow of colostrum is pretty slow, you might think that your baby is going to remain hungry. But at these initial hours of her life, she would only prefer to sleep for hours and hours than anything else.

Another important thing you should teach your newborn these days is to latch on properly. She should learn to take the nipple in her whole mouth, so that she can start sucking. Unless she starts sucking, your milk will not get generated and you will not have normal flow of milk. Take the first few days, to help your baby in this learning process of sucking, swallowing and breathing.

In these few days, your body will be completely ready to generate milk, which will be little lighter and look like skimmed milk. In another few weeks, your body will start to grow more mature milk, having all nutrients for your baby.

Generation of matured breast milk also depends on your lifestyle after you bring your baby home. You should strictly be on healthy diet and should take adequate rest, so that you and your baby both can stay healthy and happy.

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