Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Nurturing a life within your womb would be the most wonderful experience for any mother. In those lengthy three trimesters of pregnancy you may feel craving for certain kinds of food. Sticking on to those unhealthy eating habits may cause health issues for both mother and child.A child’s health is determined mainly by the diet that the mother follows during the periods of pregnancy and breast feeding. If you indulge yourself in unhealthy food, then your child will also develop unhealthy food habits leading to health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes etc.

During the first trimester most women may feel very tired. Some may develop nausea or first morning sickness where they may not feel hungry also. In such cases,even if you are deprived of hunger you need to take healthy and nutritious food for the baby who is budding within you. If you are suffering due to nausea you have to increase the intake of water to keep your body well hydrated.

Eat Healthy
You should follow a balanced diet consisting of fruits, dairy products, cereals, pulses and vegetables. Fruits can be included as snacks, desserts, or salads. You can munch on a handful of dried fruits to satisfy those sugar cravings. It is always better to chew on fruits than going for fruit juices. It will give you dietary fiber and also cut down a few calories.

Citrus fruits, green beans, tomatoes etc. which are rich in Vitamin C helps to absorb iron element present in your food. Daily intake of Vitamin C rich food is necessary because our body do not have the ability to store it. Consuming Vitamin C rich food also helps to control constipation which is a common condition during pregnancy.

Dairy products
give you and your baby the much needed Calcium and Proteins. Also go for green leafy vegetables for its Iron and Calcium contents. Proteins are found in a higher ratio in meat products and pulses. Cereals are a good source for both carbohydrates and proteins. Adequate protein consumption plays a vital role in the development of your baby.

Remember, what you eat would determine the health of your baby. Even during lactation you should strictly follow a healthy and balanced diet to keep your baby and yourself healthy.