Staying Safe After Delivery

It is important to be careful about many things once you have delivered. Although you are bound to have help with things like cooking and keeping the house, there are some things you will find that you do not have help with. Post delivery, you should be able to have a normal sex life after you have been checked forty days after delivery. You might need a little longer if you have had a cesarean section, or if you have any complications with the body getting back to routine functioning.

The last thing you want at this stage is to find yourself pregnant again now. You will have more than enough with a new baby, fresh demands from your body, and you just cannot afford to be pregnant now.

It is known that mothers who are breast feeding do not get pregnant. While there is truth in this due to the hormonal changes in the body, there is only about eighty percent surety in this statement. You still do stand a chance, so do not take it for granted.

It will take a while before your menstrual cycle will normalise. This is since you will be bleeding for about forty days after you have delivered. If you do not get your period, do not assume that your body is still taking it’s time to recover. While some people can take upto eight months to have their first period post delivery, you might not be among them.

You should follow some method of contraception once you resume your sex life. Avoid taking oral contraceptives unless prescribed by the doctor. Do not rely on the withdrawal method, this is least fool proof. You should have some plan in place. Try and consult your doctor when you visit them after two months of delivery. They should be able to tell you what is best for you. If possible, try and have a loop inserted, as this is a very good method of contraception. It is easy, convenient and has no side effects or bearing on your daily activities like feeding. It is among the most safe methods of birth control.