Steps To Toilet Train Your Toddler

As your child grows up you will need to teach him to tell you when he needs to use the toilet. Potty training your child is not tough and he can be gradually eased into it.
First you will have to start recognizing whether your baby is old enough to be trained. You will know that your child is ready if he starts urinating or has bowel movements at predictable times. Your child may also try to communicate with you verbally or with facial expression if he is about to urinate or potty.

If your baby has learnt to sit and walk and can follow simple directions you can slowly encourage him to use the potty bowl for relieving himself. As your child grows older and starts moving round it will be difficult for you to get him or her to sit and relax in one place long enough to finish peeing.

You will need to first encourage him sit on the trainer fully clothed and slowly ease him into sitting on it when he has to go. Sometimes he may get used to it immediately, but there are also chances wherein he would prefer going anywhere else other than on the trainer.

Remember never to get angry or chastise him if he takes time to get used to the potty. Your child may get accustomed to diapers and the idea of peeing into them and crying when they start feeling uncomfortable. The only way you can encourage them from not being totally depended on diapers is by letting them walk around without it for couple of hours in a day.

Remember your child may take time to connect the feeling of ‘ having to go’ and how the potty should be used when he wants to go so you shouldn’t force them to sit on the potty whenever you think he should. As parents, you are the best people to train your child.

You can encourage them by giving them little treats each time they use the potty successfully. If your child does use the potty sucessfully, do not get too excited and cheer in front of him.

Chances are he may get scared of pulling the flush or in some cases he may think he’s lost a part of himself and may hesitate to walk away from the poop.Try not to make a big deal of his first success at least in front of him. You will need to be very patient,understanding and encourage your child till he gets toilet trained.

Meera M.Das