Stop Drinking Alcohol During Your Pregnancy

It may not be too harmful to have a mug of beer or a glass of wine during your pregnancy, but it is better to avoid alcohol during these days. Researchers have found out that your unborn baby is going to be badly affected with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, if you regularly drink alcohol in this time. As such no safe level has been determined by the scientists, under which you are permitted to consume alcohol without risking the safety of your baby.

For some women, it is a large amount of alcohol, whereas for some, one glass is enough to do the damage. Even a little amount of alcohol in your blood can cause major defects in your baby. Due to this uncertainty, doctors always suggest to stop drinking when you are going to be a mom.

Excessive amount of alcohol in your blood can get passed to your baby causing serious birth defects like mental and physical. The alcohol present in your baby’s blood, takes time to flush out. Even if you drink occasionally, it will directly pass into your baby’s body and might attack the nervous system of your baby. If your baby is going to be born with a congenital defect, then it is not going to get corrected easily and probably you are going to be the only responsible person for this damage.

If you used to have drink occasionally before your pregnancy, it is nothing to be concerned. But you should be cautious from the day you know that you have conceived. Simply stop having alcohol in any occasion. If you think that you cannot control yourself, then you better stay at home. In case you cannot be without alcohol, then you should be careful before you conceive. You may join the social programmes, which might help you to quit drinking.

Even your doctor can find you a way out to be out of your addiction. But finally it is you, who has to have tremendous mental power to quit and to get ready for the newcomer in your family. Always think positive and remember that you are going to do this only for the sake of your baby.