Stopping Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are effective method to prevent unwanted pregnancy and it prevents pregnancy by stopping the egg release, thickening the mucus in the cervix or by thinning the uterine wall.

All these are done by the release of hormones in the body.  There are instances when women want to discontinue the usage of birth control pills, may be because of the desire to become pregnant or to switch to other birth control methods.

But as these pills releases hormones to the body, the sudden stoppage may cause certain side effects and hence it has to be done after good preparation.

What to Expect After Stopping Birth Control Pills

Decide when to stop the birth control pill and prepare for the side effects like menstruation changes.  After stopping the pill most of the women come into periods within a week and thereafter there will be irregular periods.

It takes few months to get back the normal menstrual cycle and only once it becomes a normal cycle the chances of pregnancy are more. Above all it is easy to calculate the ovulation date and due date of pregnancy once the menstrual cycle is regular.

Track the menstrual cycle for a few months as body needs time to adjust with the new condition of not getting hormones every day. Till then use some non-hormonal methods such as spermicides, condoms etc to avoid the chances of getting pregnant.

Those women who want to try another birth control method must switch to other birth control methods on the day of discontinuation of the current birth control pills.

Certain women may go through amenorrhea which is a condition in which women does not get any periods during the first six months of stopping the pills. This is because while taking the pills the pituitary gland may not produce hormones necessary for the development of follicles within the ovary.

In certain women the pituitary gland may not function properly even after stopping the birth control pills and because of which there won’t be any ovulation or menstruation.

Stopping birth control pills may also cause acne as these pills reduce the level of androgen within the body which in turn is responsible for the production of oil by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Hence when birth control pills are stopped the level of androgen increases and produces more oil that may block the skin pores and cause acne.

In certain cases women may experience excess hair growth over the body, mood swings, vaginal dryness and even changes in sex drive. So while stopping the birth control pills get ready for these body changes and this may help to reduce your problems.