Stress Management During Pregnancy

Having a baby is definitely a joyous and life changing event. But being stressed out and tensed can overshadow all the joys of pregnancy.

Being stressed out is common during pregnancy period. But stress is found to have a negative effect on the body and mind of the expectant mother.

The mother may experience decreased concentration levels, an increase in the blood pressure, irritation, insomnia and fatigue.

Extra care should be taken that stress doesn’t reach unhealthy levels and cause harm to the unborn baby also. If you are stressed out during pregnancy then there are very high chances of your baby having a low birth weight. He may also suffer from behavioral problems in his later life.

Stress management during pregnancy plays a very important role in the well being of the mother and baby .The key to successful stress management lies in finding out the root cause of stress.

The changing hormonal profile in the body during pregnancy and emotional, physical and  even financial factors can pave way for stress.You should not allow your stress levels to go out of hand and turn into more serious conditions like anxiety and depression.

Giving vent to your emotions and talking your heart out to your partner surely helps in taking off that extra load off your mind. Take a break from your busy schedule. Be smart and divide your time between work and home. Read good books and listen to good music. Get enough sleep daily as your baby needs it too.

Eat a well balanced diet. Do not eat large meals but have small frequent meals throughout the day. This helps in boosting your energy levels and warding off fatigue.

Exercise regularly. Exercise boosts your blood circulation and also stimulates the brain to release feel good hormones called endorphins in your body. Going out for a morning walk will surely boost up your mood.

You can exercise at home or join prenatal exercise classes. Yoga and meditation are other important and effective ways of stress management. Indulging in prenatal massage therapy sessions also helps in decreasing your stress levels.

If the stress is a result of a random mood swing, then there is no need to worry as it will eventually disappear. But if the condition persists even after resorting to various stress management methods, then it will be wise to consult your physician immediately.