Stretch Marks Removal: Explore the Options

Developing stretch marks during pregnancy is almost inevitable for most women though the level of appearance may differ from women to women. These marks develop as a result of skin pull owing to the growing belly size. This pull results in tear of connective tissues thereby leading to stretch marks. Since pregnancy stretch marks are almost unavoidable, the focus is on minimizing the occurrence of these marks as well as removing stretch marks post delivery.

The good news is that these marks do fade away with time. Though they may not totally disappear, the visibility of the marks is reduced significantly with time.

With this information in the background, let’s discuss how you can minimize the occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy. First it is important to monitor your weight throughout your pregnancy. Always keep your weight in check. Weight gain up to 34 pounds is acceptable but anything beyond this is extra. And when you gain extra weight the pressure on your skin is also greater.

Hence you may be at higher risk of developing stretch marks. The second thing you can do is to try the marketed formulations including lotions and creams which claim to help prevent stretch marks. Though these claims are yet to be verified, such products may work to at least moisturize your skin.

Now that you have developed stretch marks, you may ask about methods available to remove stretch marks. Though most marks fade away gradually, the marks in some women may be bad enough to warrant an appointment with a dermatologist. There are many ways of getting rid of pregnancy marks. Many lotions and creams may help reduce the appearance of these marks. You may ask your physician to recommend or prescribe one. The second category of stretch mark treatment is laser surgery.

Apart from improving your skin’s elasticity, laser treatment also help in reducing these marks. Another option you may consider is plastic surgery. Dermabrasion and using chemical peel are also viable options. However, before using or undergoing any of these options, it is imperative that you consult your physician. Above all, you should maintain a healthy diet, keep your body well hydrated, and take a light exercise regime.