Stuttering In Children: Causes and Treatment

Toddlers sometimes stutter and stammer while speaking. Though at first it seems extremely childlike and adorable, stuttering can become a serious speech problem in your toddler if not handled carefully.

Usually between the age group of 2-6 years, children stutter while speaking. Such behavior by toddlers is aimed at attracting the attention of their parents. But if it turns into a habit, it becomes difficult to rectify especially with the increase in age. Stuttering in children has been identified as a psychological problem rather than a physical ailment.

A child who stutters and stammers may have a high quotient in terms of intelligence, but his inability to speak properly makes the child shy and under-confident. The inability to express one’s thought and feelings clearly makes the child even more scared and increases his problem of stuttering. Nonetheless studies have shown that the problem of stuttering and stammering is momentary and can be overcome with practice and speech therapy.

Even adults tend to stutter and stumble on their words during interviews or while addressing public due to anxiety, fear and apprehension. Parents are recommended to take the consultation of speech therapist along with child psychologist to tackle the problem of stuttering in their children. These specialists provide counseling sessions to the toddlers in which they are encouraged to speak about their fears and anxieties which help to conquer the problem.

The support of teachers, family and peers acts as a huge motivating force and helps the child to overcome his fears and perfect his personality. Children with mental disabilities are taught to face the outside world with confidence and tact in such counseling sessions. In order to cope up with the problem of stuttering in toddlers, parents have an important role to play.

Firstly, if their child stutters they should not discourage him from speaking. Instead motivating the child to speak and communicate in social gathering will boost the morale of the child. If the child feels uncomfortable while pronouncing a particular word and stutters, the parents can remain patient and ask their child to repeat it until they get it right.