Sudden Infant Death Syndrome-An Overview

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is described as the sudden and unexpected death of an infant who is below 1 year of age.It is a main cause of infant mortality.

Most instances of SIDS
are seen to happen before the baby turns 4 months old.In most of the cases, doctors and forensic experts fail to determine the cause of death.

Based on studies conducted, experts have put forward some precautionary measures to be followed by parents in order to protect their baby’s life.

It is seen that SIDS is connected with the sleeping position of babies. The baby should not be allowed to sleep on his stomach. A baby who sleeps on his stomach will have a very high chance of experiencing breathing difficulties.

The lack of oxygen supply caused by sleeping on the stomach might lead to the death of the baby. Therefore make it a point to place your infant to sleep on his back.

You should take care not to place any loose bedding on the infant’s crib. The mattresses used should be firm and should fit snugly in the crib. The infant’s crib should also be free from toys and pillows. These steps will prevent the baby from getting suffocated while he is in the crib.

Parents should also stop co sleeping with infants as sharing the bed with an adult can block the air supply to the baby. Also do not place the sleeping infant on bean bags or water beds.

The temperature of the room should be regulated according to the comfort of the baby. The temperature should not be too warm or too cold. Place the blanket only up to the chest of your baby and see to it that he doesn’t pull it over his head.

Avoid exposing the infant to tobacco smoke. Second hand smoking can also cause suffocation and choking in babies. It is better to give up your habit of smoking if you have an infant around

It is also seen that the occurrence of SIDS is lesser in kids who are breastfed. So instead of bottle feeding your kid, try breast feeding him for his health and wellness.

The exact reason behind the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is still unknown. But it will be wise for you follow the above said precautionary measures in order to protect your baby’s life.