Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The fear of the unknown is something that always grips us. We are always conscious of the fact that something may just go wrong with our little baby. Many parents have been seeking answers about SIDS as a large number of babies especially within the age of 2 to 4 months fall prey to this syndrome. Rather than be afraid and terrified, it makes more sense to take precautions to prevent SIDS.

Firstly the infant’s sleep position is very important. Do not let the baby sleep on its stomach as it is believed that the baby may get choked that way. Even sleeping on the side should be avoided. One should be especially careful for preemie babies. Prenatal care is very important and every expecting mother should be extra careful not to smoke or use.

It is good to avoid loose, fluffy bedding such as sofas, quilts, water beds, comforters, bean bags as well as do not keep soft toys, fluffy pillows around the baby while sleeping. There is a chance of choking hence an increased occurrence of SIDS is possible. Avoid putting blankets as far as possible, if it is a necessity let it cover up to the chest and not cover the face.

Ensure that the room temperature is adequate and not too cold or warm so that they feel comfortable. It is good to breast feed as far as possible as it protect children from SIDS. It is advisable to put your baby in the crib or an attached bed rather than by your side.

Always make sure that the baby is not exposed to cigarette smoke either through you smoking or any one else. Electronic monitoring is another way to check if the baby is breathing. The device will raise an alarm if the baby has stopped breathing.

This is generally not recommended for all babies but for those at risk of SIDS like premature babies, babies with breathing problems etc. In case you leave the baby at a daycare centre be sure that they are also aware of these basic rules. Pacifiers are believed to be a protection for babies up to 6 months. Take heed to these basic rules and think positive, God will protect your little gift.

Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.