Suffering from Flu or Cold during Pregnancy? Try These Natural Remedies

So you have just discovered that you are pregnant! You have every reason to get thrilled and excited at the prospect of carrying a baby and becoming a mother. Well, pregnancy is also the time when a woman should take maximum care and precaution. So many changes internally take place during the course of pregnancy and there is a hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body when she becomes pregnant. As such, the immune system during pregnancy suffers a blow. The body’s ability to respond to viral and bacterial attacks is reduced with a weakened immune system during pregnancy.

Hence a pregnant woman becomes more vulnerable to common viral and bacterial attacks. And cold and flu are two of the most common diseases in pregnant women. Many women while pregnant suffer from pneumonia, which if not taken proper care can get serious and even fatal.

If you suffer from cough, flu, or cold during your pregnancy, timely care should be taken. And unlike earlier times, before you become pregnant, you should not purchase over-the-counter drugs to cure the ailment. Even though these drugs are available without prescription, you should always consult a physician before buying a drug as certain drugs can give harmful reactions to the baby during pregnancy.

The risks of congenital defects and even miscarriage cannot be ruled out as effects of these drugs. If the ailment is not so severe to warrant a consultation with your physician, then it is better to take up some remedies at home which can alleviate the symptoms of cold or flu.

The first of these home remedies for flu and cold is to stay hydrated by drinking purified water. At least eight glasses of water a day is recommended. Water is essential for flushing out toxins from the system and keeping you and your baby in a healthy condition. Also, it is essential for you to get enough hours of sleep.

Your immune system will get strengthened when you get adequate hours of sleep. Sleep is body’s natural mechanism of healing and repair. Sleep for at least eight hours and get enough rest so that you recover quickly. Also, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits as these are essential for fighting infection.