Suffering from Postpartum Blues? Try Aromatherapy

Many mothers claimed that they have never suffered from postpartum depression. They may say that becoming a new mom was blissful and exciting and there was no room for feelings such as despair and anguish. Well, they belong to the majority group who are in fact on the luckier side. For a minority group of new moms, the tale is quite different. Although they were quite thrilled being a mom to a newborn, when the initial excitement wore off, they felt depressive and even panicky.

Yes, postpartum depression is a reality although not so common. There are several causes of postpartum depression. It may be caused partly by sudden hormonal changes when a mother starts breastfeeding her baby. It can also be an adverse effect of childbirth which has taken a huge toll on you physically and mentally. Lack of sleep as well as fatigue can also be contributing factors.

So what are the symptoms of postpartum depression? A mother suffering from postpartum depression is highly sensitive, easily provoked, panicky, and anxious. Moreover she is irrational at times and also has a tendency to weep. These symptoms may be manifested in a milder form or can be severe at times, though rare. Taking medication to treat postpartum depression is not advisable especially when you are breastfeeding your baby. Rather you can opt for a natural therapeutic treatment for postpartum depression. Aromatherapy is perhaps a good option for curing such type of depression.

For those who are not familiar to this therapy, aromatherapy can be explained the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in massage. And it is performed by an aromatherapist who is a trained professional. By massaging your body with certain essential oils, you will feel more relax and calm and you will feel being in peace with your self. As you might know that even a plain massage calm down your nerves, encourage blood flow and relieve you from stress.

Aromatherapy uses potent oils and plant extracts to maximize the benefits of massaging in relieving stress and depression. Self-massage once a week is recommended in the absence of a massage therapist. Rosemary, lemongrass, bergamot, and cypress can lift your mood while lavender and chamomile can be used to make you calm and relaxed. You may mix these oils with carrier oil such as almond oil.