Swimming Lessons For Kids And Their Safety With Parental Support

Swimming Lessons For KidsSwimming has been treated as an excellent exercise, but do we know that the kids who learn swimming are found to be more confident. Swimming is an excellent exercise to boost your child’s self confidence, so why not teach your child and if he is not interested try to help him in learning by taking the fear of water out of his mind.

Many kids are very scared of swimming because they are scared of drowning in the pool so they just stand and watch and never gather the courage to enter the water and try swimming. Here comes your role as a parent and guide to take that fear out of his mind and boost his confidence that yes he can do swimming and tell him how exciting the experience of getting into the water is. These days even good school teach swimming to the kids the reason behind it is to increase their confidence level and moreover it is best form of exercising in itself.

Parental inspiration to remove the fear

Parental support can be the best way to remove the fear out of the child’s mind. Some children are scared of water and the fear of drowning in the water stops them from swimming. you should not pressurise them to get into the water. Rather parents need to tell them and create excitement towards the sport.

If you are interested in learning swimming or already know swimming then you can also give your child company in the pool. Being with your kid in the pool will make him more interested in the sport.

It is found that if the mother is scared of water or swimming then the child will also develop the fear, so if the case is same with you also try not to show the fear in front of the child. This will create negative impact on the child’s mind.

If you do not know swimming and want your kids to learn swimming, then the best way to boost their self confidence is to go along with them to the swimming pool and when your child is learning swimming then try to cheer him up with positive notes like well done, buck up etc.

Although the coaches and the swimming instructors will keep your child under full security and guidance but if you are going along with the child then you also keep an eye on the child. OS that just in case if you see that the child is drowning then you can call the coach immediately and save your child. This way you can save your child from any accident and keep an eye on other children too who are learning swimming with your child.

If the child is throwing tantrums since you are standing nearby then just move away and keep an eye on him from far away, so that he can learn swimming with full self confidence.

But if the child is hell scared and shivering due to fear then do not pressurise him for learning swimming , just give him some time and trey and brain wash this fear.

There is no particular age to learn swimming, but you should start teaching your child from the age of five. This is the age when the child will get inquisitive by seeing other people swimming and he will ask you that he wants to learn swimming and this way your job will become easier.

Safety Measures to be taken

Never leave your child alone for swimming even for a fraction of a second. If your child is five years old then just stay at one arm distance from the child, so that if he needs any help then you can easily help him out.

The most important lesson of swimming is that never live with this preconceived notion that if your child has learnt swimming he will never drown. Remove this thought from your mind and be cautious all the time.

Never use air filled toys as life jacket in the water while swimming. Tell your child that if there is no elder person nearby then he should not enter the swimming pool.

Never leave a toy in the swimming pool, because kids might jump into the pool in order to get the toy form the pool and might get drowned.

Tell your child not to dive if the water in the pool is less than 9 feet, they will get hurt and head injuries are worst. There should be four feet high fencing around the pool. Never rely on the safety alarm near the pool many times they do not even ring.

If there is a party organised near a swimming pool then there should be one elder person near the pool to keep an eye on the kids playing near the pool. That person should be alert enough to take care of the children and should not get busty somewhere thinking that somebody else must also be keeping an eye on the children. If many people are standing around the pool this does not mean that it is safe for your child to play near the pool.

If there are too many people in the swimming pool then it is very difficult to notice any accident happening with your child in the pool and even the drowning of the child might not be noticed due to rush in the pool.

If there is a swimming pool near your house and it is without any fencing then strictly ask your child not to go near the pool. Children are very attracted towards water so in between keep on checking whether he is in the house or playing out on the street or not , because he might get into the pool if not noticed carefully.

Avoid talking on the cell phone when your child is in the pool because just keeping an eye is not enough all the concent6ration should be on the child only. If you have arranged a party for children near the pool then the safety measures for the children should be double and appoint one person especially to look after the safety around the pool.

Photo Credit: Livestrong.com