Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with not only feelings of excitement and joy but a host of other problems as well. Also known as edema, appearance of swollen feet in pregnancy is a common problem faced by a number of women.

This pain and soreness in the ankles and the feet is especially aggravated in the third trimester of pregnancy when your body starts retaining excessive fluids. This may further worsen n the hot summer months.

The swelling in your feet and sometimes your hands and face as well can be attributed to the high fluid retention in the body of a pregnant woman. As the uterus starts growing in the third trimester, the blood vessels in the pelvic region especially the inferior vena cava of the pregnant woman are strained excessively.

This in turn results in the sluggish flow of blood in the area, the pressure of which leads to the water flow being redirected from the capillaries to the tissues of the feet. In most cases swollen feet is a temporary condition that can be treated easily.

Moreover after the birth of the child the swelling may rapidly decrease. In the meantime women are advised to follow certain measures to relieve themselves of the swollen, achy feet.

Women who display swelling in feet are advised not to sit for continuous periods of time. This is because sitting with your legs hanging downwards can cause gravity to aggravate the condition.

Women are advised to rest their feet on a footstool while sitting or propping up their feet on pillows while sleeping. Simple foot exercises like rotating the feet and wriggling your toes can help get the circulation in order. Moreover exercises like walking and routine activities can help reduce these problems significantly.

Wearing comfortable shoes with insoles and orthotic devices help keep your feet comfortable and at ease even as there is increase in your body weight. Do not wera high heeled sandals or shoes which do not fit your swollen feet.

In certain cases your doctor may also recommend support or compression stocking that hinder the chances of blood pooling in the ankles.

Foot massages using aromatherapy oils or cooling foot gels have been known to provide relief to pregnant women suffering from edema. This massaging helps in restoring the circulation and providing relief.

In addition drink plenty of water, eat well and rest appropriately. If the swelling is persistent and extends to your hands and face it could signal preclampsia, a problem related to high blood pressure. In this case it is best to consult a health care provider.

Parul Solanki