Symptoms of Dyslexia – Things To Look Out For

Have you ever noticed that your child is very lazy in writing or do not do his/her writing assignments at home; and you thought he/she is just a careless kid, that’s all.However, if such behavior has been around for quite a long time now, did it ever occur to you that your child might be suffering from dyslexia?

Then, it’s about time that you need to know more about the different symptoms of Dyslexia for you to be aware whether your child is just merely lazy or is dyslexic. Though such symptoms may look pretty minor during childhood, it would greatly affect a functioning individual when he/she is fully grown up and, is still a dyslexic.

Here are the most common symptoms of dyslexia that are easily noticeable in a person suffering from such condition :

Does he/she have some problems when asked to write and gives out several reasons just to avoid doing such a simple task? Then, the reason is quite simple really; not that he/she is lazy or anything but he/she is just reluctant to write.  As it is one of the manifestations in a dyslexic person, so instead of lashing out and gnashing your teeth, why not try finding out as to what is his/her real problem.

Having difficulties in taking down some notes is also a manifestation of a dyslexic person, as note taking can be a tedious chore to a person who’s affected with dyslexia. That’s why there may be some people who may consider individuals having such a condition to be stupid or clumsy; Such symptoms can mislead people and they might not find out the real reason behind such behavior.

Difficulties in sequencing such as the days of the week may be difficult to do and remember for a dyslexic person. And then there’s the reversal of letters or figures, dyslexic often reverse even the sequencing of the letters such as b to p, p to q and 5-3 among others.

Difficulties in understanding other people, which would often times mislead people to consider such person as being inattentive. As dyslexic have a hard time in catching up especially if the speaker talks, very fast or in a noisy environment. Then, there’s the problem in managing their time, not knowing what to do first and when to do it.

It is one of the manifestations of such condition, which are often times misconstrued as pure disorderliness or disorganized. These are the symptoms of dyslexia that you need to be aware of; it may happen to your child or to any of your love ones. It is imperative that you notice some of such symptoms to seek for professional and medical help right away.

problem in managing their time